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The purpose of this website is to provide an understanding to anyone interested as to exactly who is this person Peter J. Nash who maliciously attacks me (and others) in his writings that are presented as "news" on his "hauls of shame" website. Those without knowledge could mistakenly accept Peter Nash's writings as true and from a credible source, when nothing could be further from the truth.

The Cease and Desist letter dated June 2, 2017 that is published here (one of many sent over the years to Mr. Nash by my attorney) has so much information answering the question of who Peter Nash is and what he is about that I thought it would be efficient and worthwhile to simply publish it, and by doing so allow anyone interested to understand Mr. Nash's conflicts and transparent motivations. I am a victim of fraud by Peter J. Nash. Since 2009 I have been actively seeking to collect in full the fraud judgment in my favor against Mr. Nash in the amount of $760,227.08 plus interest and attorney's fees awarded by the Court. If anyone has information regarding Peter J. Nash's current employment, income, or assets, this information could be very helpful in assisting my collection efforts of his fraud judgment. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Robert Lifson

Founder (and former president and owner) of Robert Edward Auctions

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